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Comfort, safety and high performance are three features that almost never occur together. But when you talk about Puma – they do. And all of this is at reasonable price.

Puma is a two-seater low-wing ultralight with retractable landing gear. Big experience supported by great work of our constructors has made that safety and convenience are at the same level as in aircrafts with fixed landing gear.

It’s an all-metal aircraft with composite elements that increase lightness and improve aerodynamics.

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The fact that Puma stands out from other ultralights has been achieved also through consultations with experienced pilots and potential users. Their advances and remarks caused i.a. that cockpit is spacious (width 1200mm) and comfortable. Moreover – in Puma there are adjustable seats and both - the pilot and passenger - sits higher than usual in this kind of aircrafts. Thanks to that the pilot has tremendous visibility.

An experienced user knows that a good aircraft should behave well while flying. Proper arrangement of all elements has made that Puma pilots with ease. This causes that the flight is a pure pleasure.

Extremely wide range of velocity isn’t the only advantage of Puma. Capacious wing fuel tanks (over 2x13gallons) provide huge range (more than 930 miles). These and the rest of Puma’s performance make that it can easily vies with other top-shelf ultralights.

The conjunction between high performance and safety is also a result of high advanced manufactured process in which our experienced and well educated workers use modern CNC milling machines.

Despite of all advantages Puma doesn’t cost much. Its estimated price is comparable with ultralights that have fixed landing gear. It isn’t too much, especially considering comfort, safety and high performance.

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