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According to our company an aircraft should be safe, comfortable and have good performance. Combination of these three essential features is often very difficult to achieve and requires big experience supported by a great work. However, when you see an ultralight like Panda you know it was worth it. Especially if it's available at a reasonable price.

Panda is a two-seater high-wing cantilever aircraft with T-tail. This configuration is practically unprecedented and its aerodynamic is very efficient. It's a riveted, all-metal aircraft with composite elements.

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This design is very good not only because of aerodynamics but also to comfort. Visibility is excellent and the cockpit is spacious. The flight is even more comfortable due to adjustable seats and control system with yoke that lets you feel like in a top-shelf aircraft.

The lack of struts in this design decreases drag what allows to obtain better performance. High cruising speed along with two wing-fuel tanks (over 2 x 13gallons) makes that range really enormous. Moreover, we had worked very hard in order to achieve short take-off and landing distances. We can safely say that Panda is not worse in any case than CH 701 Stoll.

Low minimum speed and impressive visibility makes it possible to equip Panda in next design step in slender pontoons so that it could be successfully used as a seaplane. Then it may provide completely new and even more exciting prospects. Moreover, we intend to conduct the possibility of flight with dismantled doors what would make it ideal for enthusiasts of photography.

High advanced manufactured process in which our experienced and well educated workers use latest CNC devices makes Panda not only an useful plane with good performance but also provides its supreme manufacturing.

Despite of all advantages Panda's price is reasonable. Estimated outgo is comparable with an expense on a noncantilever-wing ultralight. The cost is encouraging, especially considering comfort, safety, performance and the wide range of possibilities.

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