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Technical data:  
Wingspan 8,91 m
Length 6,62 m
Height 2,32 m
Cabin width 1,2m
Wing area 10,6 m2
Airfoil NACA 633-618 modificated
Horizontal tail area 1,47 m2
Vertical tail area 0,92 m2
Tail airfoil NACA 64-015
Weight and Performance:  
Empty Weight 270 kg
Max. Takeoff Weight 472,5 kg
Payload 202,5 kg
Max. Fuel Capacity 2x50 l
Max. Load Factors +4 / -2
Stall Speed (without flaps) 79 km/h
Stall Speed (with flaps) 62 km/h
Never Exceed Speed 260 km/h
Max. Speed in horizontal flight 220 km/h
Cruising speed 190 km/h
Rate of climb 6 m/s
Ceiling 3650 m
Range (45 min. reserves) 1200 km


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